Invited by Burnham and Highbridge Town Council, Burnham & Weston Energy was pleased to lead the energy discussions in their recent Climate and Ecological community workshop. The aim was to help determine a local Climate and Ecological Change Action Plan. ‘Energy’ was one of four key focus topics discussed.

During the course of the event we heard from over 30 Burnham and Highbridge residents on the ‘Energy’ table. Making the most of this chance to shape a local Climate and Ecological Change Action Plan, they shared a range of ideas as to how local energy-related carbon emissions can be reduced. Proposals included:

  • Helping local residents to reduce their energy use and making their homes more energy efficient
  • Street-wide solar and heat buying clubs
  • Improving the energy efficiency of community and council buildings
  • Energy reduction advice and support for businesses
  • More local Electric Vehicle charging points
  • Commission research as to locally available alternative energy-generation options including energy from waste and hydro-electric options
  • Lobbying for local new homes to be built to net zero standards and include insulation, solar panels, electric vehicle charging and other measures

Residents were also able to contribute their views on reducing carbon emissions in ‘Transport’, addressing the threat to ‘Ecology’ and improving ‘Sustainability’.

Burnham & Highbridge residents meet to develop local climate action plan

Burnham & Weston Energy now looks forward to joining Burnham & Highbridge’s Climate and Ecological Working Group. Established by the Town Council, the group’s aim is to help collate the input from the workshop and other sources and create a local Climate and Ecological Change Action Plan.

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