In line with our ambitions to provide support to those needing help to heat their homes this winter, Burnham & Weston Energy has become a member of Nation Energy Action (NEA).

National Energy Action’s vision is to end fuel poverty. They campaign so that everyone can afford to live in a warm and safe home.

Burnham & Weston Energy’s Director Lynda Wookey, said: “With rising energy costs, we are determined to build on our previous fuel poverty advice service and make sure those in our communities who need it, get the help they need to keep their homes warm.

“We are establishing our Energy Champions Network, through which we will be able to provide tailored help to residents and provide and fit some small energy efficiency measures. To do this well, it’s important that our advisors are up to date and that we work together with others where collaborating will improve what we can do for people in our communities. As members of National Energy Action, this should give us access to information such as current policies and funding news, and help us connect with more organisations who can help us achieve for more local residents.”

For more information about National Energy Action, please visit their website.

Burnham & Weton Energy's Supporting Member National Energy Action certificate