On this page we capture some resources that have been shared with us. You will find links to advice, networks, tools, local strategies and funding that may be useful for local households, communities, and businesses wanting to reduce their energy use or develop local energy or climate projects. Please note, we cannot vouch for them, but they appear relevant to the local area supported by Burnham & Weston Energy. If you know of any other links we should include, please get in touch.

Energy Advice

If you’re looking for ways to reduce your energy bills, click on the links to take you to the advice shared by these organisations. It is mostly for householders, but Somerset County Council also offers support for schools.


Do you need to make local connections or gauge interest in plans you have for a community project that will benefit the local environment? Perhaps you want to apply for a grant from our Sunshine Fund, need inspiration or want to find project partners? Explore these local networks.

Climate Tools

There is a mixture of tools here that can help you understand your own carbon footprint, or that of your community or business. While not energy specific, you will also find some guides to climate actions and projects that could benefit your community and the environment.

Depaving guide

Flower bed where paving stones used to be

Positive Tipping Points

Climate Emergency Strategies & Reports

Want to find out how important energy is to local climate strategies and action plans? Click the images in this section to read the published documents.


Burnham & Weston Energy’s Sunshine Fund supports local organisations to benefit their communities and the environment. Click the images below to take a look at other funding opportunities available for local projects.