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Burnham and Weston Energy CIC makes local headlines

Our recent launch has been making a splash among local news. Citizens of the area are keen to find out more about community energy and the benefits it is providing to Burnham-on-Sea and Weston-super-Mare including green electricity to power 2,000 homes, a community fund of £3 million for social projects, and a fuel poverty campaign to tackle the increasing problem in the towns and their surrounding parishes.

A article stated that “as a local energy company, Burnham and Weston Energy CIC will be governed by local directors, and local people and organisations can get involved by volunteering or investing in the solar bond offer to be launched shortly”.

Lynda Wookey, and Denys Rayner, of Highbridge and Bridgwater respectively, are both due to be appointed to the board as volunteer directors on launch of the bond offer.

With energy costing Burnham and Weston around £360 million per year, (almost all of which leaves the local economy), the organisation is working towards a future of locally generated, locally owned and low carbon energy generation; with the value of their energy economy being retained locally.

This means that £50,000 per year will be available in community surplus, after costs and share interest is paid to investors. “Half of the money will initially be used to support a grant fund managed by Somerset Community Foundation, while the remaining 50 per cent will go towards a fuel poverty advice service to help households who struggle with their energy bills” – Henry Woodsford, The Weston Mercury.

Communities for Renewables CIC has worked with Burnham and Weston Energy CIC over the past few years to bring the solar farm into community ownership, making it one of the largest community owned solar farms across the UK.

Thank you to Burnham-on-Sea News and The Weston Mercury for supporting the community initiative by covering the story – you can read their articles to find out more below:

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